Sharon Lohr

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Measuring Crime: Behind the Statistics

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Measuring Crime: Behind the Statistics provides a guide to interpreting the crime statistics you see in the newspaper. Where do the statistics come from, and how accurate are they? This book tells you how to distinguish good statistics from bad – even if you have had no training in statistics – and what to look for when interpreting a statistic.

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Sampling: Design & Analysis

The second edition of Sampling: Design and Analysis was published in 2010 by Cengage and is now reprinted by CRC Press. Order from CRC Press or Amazon.

For the statistical theory and methods of sampling: Sampling: Design and Analysis, by Sharon Lohr (Arizona State University). This is a great book, combining the practical orientation of Kish (1965) with the clear notation of Cochran (1977). No other book I know of comes close to Lohr’s.
— Andrew Gelman